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New products-Agricultural Plant Protection UAV

It can be used in low altitude pesticide spraying, and also in video devices, agricultural pests and other real-time monitoring.
Like the cotton bollworm, aphid, red spider and other local common pests, they like hiding in the back of leaf eating plants, and if artificial spraying pesticide, medicine will only cover on the surface of the stem and leaf. While the UAV is applied by centrifugal nozzle located below the rotor, the medicament atomization of high concentration to 100 mm particles sprayed out. With the multi rotor downdraft from top to bottom blown to the ground, agents will be covered to the whole plant inside. As a result, the utilization rate of pesticides can be increased from 35% to 85%.
The performance index of FA4X-10LF Electric plant protection UAV:
Main technical parameter Technical specifications
Model FA4X-10LF
Type Four rotors electric plant protection UAV
Shape size(length height width) 1150mm*1100mm*350mm
Shape size~folding frame(length height width) 950mm*450mm*350mm
The diameter of the tail suspense 770mm
Air weight(no battery and load) 9kg
Maximum take-off weight 25kg
Pesticide container capacity 10L
Lithium polymer battery 12000mAh,44.4V
Working speed 3~8m/s(wind speed 2~3level)
Continuous spraying time 10~15min
Spray rod length 1150mm
Relative flying height(From the top of the crop) 1~3m
Spray nozzle form and quantity 4
Spray flow 1500~2000ml/min
Effective spraying 4~7m
Flight mode Manual / Stability Augmentation/ Semi-automatic/ Full-automatic
The FA4X-10LF agricultural plant protection UAV has the advantages of good working effect, high working efficiency, low operation cost, high reliability, safe and easy to operation and more.
1. Good performance
   Multi rotor UAV flight is more stable and safe to operate than a helicopter. The nozzles are below the blades, and the air currents generated in the backspin can spray the liquid medicine into the plant roots. With uniform droplet distribution, good sedimentation effect, the plant protection efficiency is better than artificial pesticide effect.
2. High efficiency
Average per hour of work is more than 50 acres.
Maximum operating efficiency is 100 acres per hour.
30 times the efficiency of manual work.
3. Low cost
Only a set of battery can complete 10 kilograms of pesticide spraying. It saves both the power, but also the charging time, which is particularly important in the scale of continuous operation.
4. Continuous operation ability
   The reliability of structure design and circuit planning ensures the aircraft plant protection operation repeatedly landing with strong demand, continuous operation capability and reliability.
5. Large payload, long flight time
The maximum loading capacity is up to 10kg, and a set of battery can continuous work for about 15 minutes, which ensures high rate of spraying.
6. Stable performance and high reliability
Professional plant protection installation can complete the work more conveniently and intelligently, which reduce the labor intensity. Unique U shape kit makes the UAV more stable and easy to control in flight operation with high safety performance. And it is easy to transport and manage.
7. Folding frame, simple operation, convenient transition
Light weight: Air weight is only 9 kg, and a single person can carry it easily.
Small volume: The folding frame can reduce its volume and a Iveco with seven seats can carry 12 aircrafts.

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